Mini Art Camps

Thursday & Friday Afternoons

Children and families are trying to find a place to just BE as we navigate making choices about going back to school. It's all different. And it all feels different. Off The Wall Studio is aware of the concerns families are experiencing during this challenging time. We want your children to be happy, creative, stimulated and safe.

Karron has designed a series of MINI ART CAMPS to be held on Hybrid Friday Afternoons (fro grades 3-8) and Thursdays 3-6pm for High School Students, that will bring JOY to your child in doing and making....combining heART and a positive and encouraging environment.


Off The Wall Studio has created a safe and fun in studio environment for students.  Enrollment has been significantly reduced. Each child will have a personal creating space (6’ social distancing guidelines) for their

use that includes a bin filled with all of the art tools and mediums needed for that weeks projects. 

Masks are required. Frequent hand washing a must.


Mini Art Camps meet on Fridays

2pm - 6pm for Grades 3 - 8

Tuition $48 per camp

Includes ALL materials and instruction

Mini Art Camps meet on Thursdays

3 - 6pm for High School Students

Tuition $36 per camp

Includes ALL materials and instruction

Download a registration form and mail it to the studio:

Off The Wall Studio

2000 Industrial Blvd #3

Stillwater, Minnesota 55082

Confirmation will be made upon receipt.

First come, first served. 10 students max per camp.

Refunds can not be made after camps fill.

Thursday September 17, 3 - 6pm, High School Grades 6 seats left

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 18, 2 - 6pm, Grades 3 - 6       3 seats left

VAN GOGH LANDSCAPES - Acrylic painting on canvas

Students will learn and use color theory, composition, and acrylic 

painting techniques in this colorful camp. Van Gogh was as colorful

a character as his paintings....want to know more?

Thursday September 24, 3 - 6pm, High School Grades     6 seats left

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 25, 2 - 6pm, Grades 3 - 8   3 seats left

CUTE KAWAII DRAWINGS - Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media

“Kawaii” is Japanese for “cute”. Basically, that means pretty much

everything can be “cute" or “lovable”… truly , everything!

Kawaii drawings make the viewer feel happy and are easy to draw,

which makes us all happy! Students will learn how to draw a variety

of Kawaii characters and objects and will make a 3D character of

their choice.





Thursday October 1, 3 - 6pm, High School Grades  6 seats left

FRIDAY OCTOBER 2, 2 - 6pm, Grades 3 - 8   3 seats left

EMBROIDERY BASICS - Not another lost art....

Students will learn many traditional embroidery stitches as they

work on a "Sampler" of their very own. We will turn this sampler

into a lovely wall hanging adding beads and other embellishments.



Thursday October 8, 3 - 6pm, High School Grades   6 seats left

FRIDAY OCTOBER 9, 2 - 6pm, Grades 3 - 8  4 seats left

CREATIVE COLLAGE ON CANVAS - colorful and full of color!

The word “Collage” from the Greek word for glue, kolla, about

100 years ago. A collage is not only made from magazine

pictures stuck onto a piece of paper. A collage may sometimes

include magazine and newspaper clippings, ribbons, paint, bits

of colored or handmade papers, portions of other artwork or

texts, photographs and other found objects, glued to a piece of

paper or canvas.

Yep...we've got all that! What do YOU wanna make?


Thursday October 22, 3 - 6pm, High School Students 6 seats left

FRIDAY OCTOBER 23, 2 - 6pm, Grades 3 - 8  5 seats left


So, sew, SO much fun! But no previous sewing experience is

necessary to create a delightful bag for your stuff. Students

will learn basic hand and machine sewing techniques and make

adorable felt button flowers to decorate their work. Students 

may wish to paint on their bag, which is pretty cool too!








Thursday October 29, 3 - 6pm, High School Students  6 seats left

FRIDAY OCTOBER 30, 2 - 6pm, Grades 3 - 8   4 seats left




Show your spooky - silly side in a Jack-O-Lantern carving,

painting, decorating contest.


Let's make MASKS that are FUN!




Thursday November 5, 3 - 6pm, High School Students 6 seats left

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 6, 2 - 6pm, Grades 3 - 8  FULL

MINI PET PORTRAITS - don't have a pet?

Paint your favorite animal! I don't have a pet, but

I sure love a happy fox with a butterfly on his nose!

Students will draw and then paint a painting on

canvas of their pet.

Thursday November 19, 3 - 6pm,High School Students  6 seats left

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 20, 2 - 6pm, Grades 3 - 8  4 seats left

SILK SCARF PAINTING - Make it for yourself,

or as a gift.....

Thursday December 3, 3 - 6pm, High School Students

                                                                            6 seats left

FRIDAY DECEMBER 4, 2 - 6pm, Grades 3 - 8 2 seats left

NEEDLE FELTING BIRD - it's like painting with wool!

The soft colors and textures of the needle felting

technique warms your heART....Students can choose

a flat, framable project or a 3D character to hold in

your hand....get it...a bird in your hand is worth 2 in

a bush????





Thursday December 10, 3 - 6pm, High School Students   6 seats left

FRIDAY DECEMBER 11, 2 - 6pm, Grades 3-8 5 seats left

EXPRESS YOURSELF - Manipulated Self Portrait

Students will take a "selfie" that will be used as a 

base for a really fun technique of applying acrylic

paint directly to the surface of the photo. 
GREAT as a last minute gift.





Thursday December 17, 3 - 6pm, High School Students  6 seats left

FRIDAY DECEMBER 18, 2 - 6pm, Grades 3 - 8   4 seats left



Use as ornaments, wear them, give them...